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How to cook Burmese traditional Khow Suey with fish soup

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Mohinga also known as Khow Suey with fish soup is the most popular breakfast in Myanmar. When the sweet taste of fish is combined with chick-pea soup, the deliciousness of Mohinga khow Suey is unforgettable. It is quite a complicated process to prepare Mohinga khow suey but it is not rocket science and easy to cook. All of the ingredients can be purchased anywhere around the world, therefore everyone can try the special Khow Suey with fish-soup. Here is how to cook Burmese traditional Khow Suey with fish soup.

Ingredients for soup

1Kg of thin rice noodle or flat rice noodle

650g of cat fish

100g of roasted rice flour

200g of chick-pea

Some fresh cilantro

10 boiled duck egg

20 peeled onion

Ingredients for Fish paste 

10 chopped onion

150g chopped garlic

80g chopped ginger

2 lemon grass

Some dried red chili pepper

One tea spoon of turmeric

One table spoon of black pepper

Accompaniments of Mohinga

Mohinga accompaniments


Firstly, you need to put the roasted rice flour into the 100g of water and stir it well. Then boil the chick-pea until very soft and tender. When it is done, filter the chick-pea from the pot and blend with blender. Do not throw away the chick-pea boiled stock because you need to reuse it for the soup.

When the blended chick-pea is ready, put it aside and move on to the fish. You need to boil the cat fish with 300g of water and add fish-sauce, turmeric, lemon grass. Then, leave it for 8-10 minutes and remove the lightly cooked fish from the pot. Again, do not throw away the fish stock in order to reuse it for the soup. Put the cooked fish in a bowl to debone, skin and flake flesh.

Fish Paste Recipe 

Heat your favorite oil in a pan, then fry chopped-onion, chopped-ginger, chopped-lemon grass until they become red and crispy. Add chili pepper, black pepper and turmeric, then add fish fillet to stir fry for 3-5 minutes. When the fish meat are cooked very well, add one teaspoon of salt. Now your fish paste is ready.

Mohinga Soup Recipe

Heat a large pot and add the chick-pea stock, fish stock, and two more liters of water. When the soup is boiled, add fish paste, roasted rice flour, blended chick-pea, and lemon grass then stir it well. For the taste, you can add fish-sauce, salt, and sugar.

Add the onions and boiled duck eggs into the soup and stir for 4-5 minutes. When the onions are tender, fish paste is melted, and everything is well-cooked, your mont hin gar soup is ready.

Preparing mohinga soup

Preparing Mohinga soup

How to serve Mohinga

It is very easy. Get a bowl and put some rice noodles in it. If you can get deep-fried chick-pea, you may add one or two pieces by crushing them. Then add some cilantro on top of your noodle. Finally you may pour some fish soup on the noodle and enjoy the unique Khow Suey meal.

A bowl of Mohinga in very delicious look

A bowl of Mohinga in very delicious look


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